SAP Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning, or in short ERP, is a standard software for any business around the world. ERP systems help to organise big amounts of data and plan enterprise resources most efficiently. All of the business processes within an organization, such as controlling, human resources, manufacturing, supply chain management, project management etc., can be controlled via an ERP system. It depends on the kind of organisation which functional areas are needed and, thus, what kind of requirements have to be satisfied. However, to meet an ERP system in a future job in any kind of organisation is more than likely. SAP being the world market leader in this area of enterprise software, SAP ERP is the most prevalent ERP system there is.

The erp4students course Integrated Business Processes with SAP ERP (TERP10) functions as the perfect introduction into the “SAP-universe”. Not only does it present the setup and functions of the SAP ERP system theoretically, complex case studies also help the participants to gain a profound practical understanding of the system. This, in the end, helps to quicker understand the ERP system of a future employer and, thus, makes an application strike out.

TERP10 Consultant Certification at SAP

erp4students offers participants of the course Integrated Business Processes with SAP ERP (TERP10) to take the official SAP certification exam after all case studies are completed successfully. Due to the kind sponsorship of SAP University Alliances, the exam can be taken at a special student price and is already covered in the course fee. The exam can be taken in many different locations all over Europe, on an individual date up to three months after the course. It is a three hour, computer-based multiple choice test which covers the theoretical contents of the course. Upon passing the exam, participants will receive the official SAP consultant certificate C_TERP10_66: „SAP Certified Associate Business Foundation & Integration with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP6“. This certificate is recognized as a worldwide standard in all industrial sectors.

 GermanEG Course equal course at SAP Education Price at SAP
for non-students
Price at erp4students*
Integrated Business Processes with SAP ERP (TERP10) TERP10 6.100 €
570 € **
SAP Exam: C_TERP10_66 400 €
Total Price 6.500 €
570 € *

* These rates are only available for students! We can offer the courses at these rates due to our cooperation with SAP University Alliances.

** Due to SAP regulations, the prices differ in some countries:

  • Austria/Germany: 550 €
  • Switzerland: 650 €
  • Other European countries: 570 €